It’s with great excitement that I’m writing the first blog for our new website. We plan to use this space to give a fresh perspective on the industry we all work in—from big developments, in technology or regulation, through to what we’re up to in Epeus, and how it all affects you. Over time, I hope you’ll find it valuable. As this is the start of the ‘new’ Epeus, in terms of branding and image, I’m going to start with a look back on our first 10 years.

When I first incorporated the business back in 2002, it was built on the fact I was passionate about large and complex feats of engineering, having been involved in a few during my career. I wanted to take what I’d learnt about managing projects and managing risks and apply it more widely than a single individual can. Like everyone who’s been involved in drilling rig projects, I had more than a few examples of good and bad practice. It was my goal to codify these to ensure successful outcomes and prevent avoidable mistakes.

I had in mind a particular way of doing things that would lead to long-term relationships with our clients. This approach springs directly from certain traits that I wanted Epeus to be true to. We pride ourselves on our pragmatism, dynamism and courage. To us, these aren’t just brand ‘values’. They go to the core of what we do. Given some of the projects we get asked to help rescue, they are critical. Cohesion is also an important part of what Epeus delivers. We are greater than the sum of our parts because our team members actively combine their diverse knowledge to deliver insights that a single individual might miss.

Above all, we are independent. Our clients can always count on us to give things to them straight, so they know where they stand and can plan, and take action, accordingly. Perhaps the Epeus Way is too grand a name for what we do. But it is how we work and we hold ourselves accountable on each of these points.

Ten years on from our first ever project—which you can read about here—the business has survived and prospered through one of the worst recessions in living memory, oil price shocks and significant changes in our industry. It’s been quite a ride, but along the way we’ve adapted and grown to become a highly valued Project Risk Management consultancy with nearly 200 projects under our belt and over 70 clients.

Back in November, we celebrated our first decade. I invited everyone who had ever been involved with Epeus to join the current team for a couple of (boozy) days in London. I’m reminded of some of the words I used back then to those assembled. I am proud of all the people who work for us and have worked with us to get us where we are today. We can look back on the projects we’ve been involved in and comfortably say we made a real difference to our clients, each of whom knows the value we brought.

I’m looking forward to the next ten years and the opportunities they will bring. Watch this space for developments.

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