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For periods of heightened vulnerability

Battle-tested principles to achieve your objectives—from planning 
and execution to project rescue.

Your organization is no doubt good at what it does. Your people are talented and motivated. And safety is the watchword of operations. But when you start a complex capital project, you leave business as usual to embark on an uncertain journey.

We deploy our people for two reasons. Your project is in imminent danger, or you need longer-term support. For the former, a small rescue team typically gets in, restores order and gets out. We can also provide experts who will lead a project for months, or even longer. 

Over the years, people have described startlingly similar feelings to us as a project begins to slip. A nagging sense of unease that forms in the back of your mind, then creeps down your spine, finally settling in your stomach. As with any type of anxiety, fear of the unknown creates the greatest insecurity. Being gradual, the need for action isn’t always clear. Until it is. Don’t wait that long. To gain more confidence about your decision-making at any point, call us in for a Resilience Appraisal

Who will be on the team?

Epeus folk share two characteristics: the curiosity to know how things work and the cool head needed to identify root causes and resolve issues. We count chartered engineers and professional project managers (most with postgraduate qualifications) among our number. Many of our colleagues also have an MBA or equivalent. 

Our international contractors are multilingual and hold a range of recognized quality, commercial, contract and risk management qualifications. Many of our team members and contractors are respected industry voices, contributing to the wider community through papers and lectures.

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PRIMA stands for Project Risk Maturity—and so do we. PRIMA is our core methodology, taking standardized processes from the Project Management Body of Knowledge and rigorously applying them to specific domains in the upstream energy industry. 

We started almost 20 years ago on a project for BP which led to us define their global rig intake and startup process. More recently, our method has helped a manufacturer of CHP boilers install their equipment on multiple projects in biomass plants. PRIMA can adapt to scrubber installation on ships to meet new sulphur emissions regulations. Or define the commissioning process for offshore wind farms. And much more beyond. 

The single factor that unifies the organizations we serve is the high level of complexity inherent in their projects—and the high impact of the risk if things go wrong. Your Project Risk Maturity level has an impact on the resilience of your project team and its ultimate success. 

With our PRIMA method, you’ll gain:

• Confidence in your risk identification
• Peace of mind from your risk mitigation
• Understanding from our independent review
• Assurance of the fitness of your processes
• Certainty of your governance

Resilience Safeguarding

Imagine being confident that your project’s profitability return is protected, or even improved, over its lifespan.

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Peer Assist

Need longer-term help? We can embed a team with the right experience, expertise and even language skills to bring more certainty to your outcome.

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Project Rescue

Sometimes events overtake your capacity to deal with them. A failing project puts your reputation on the line.

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“Epeus is a highly regarded project management consultancy, that continues to attain and exceed my expectations.”

Fiona Bannister, Technical Services Manager, Centrica Energy Upstream

"We brought you guys in to scare us into action, and you delivered in buckets.”

Don Jacobsen, EVP, Shell

“Epeus understands the key requirements that are needed to achieve successful rig startups. Their personnel have deep experience and are knowledgeable in the areas of rig delivery.”

Brian Hay, Director, Rig Engineering, Global Wells Organization, BP

“Whenever we’ve needed Epeus personnel, they’ve always got there fast—anywhere in the world.”

Sachin Mehra, Vice-President, Asset Management, Valaris (ENSCO)

“The rigorous approach of Epeus’s project readiness review service quickly gave us a set of robust and independent insights into the state of readiness of our field development project. The findings proved to be extremely valuable.”

Leonardo Adami, Director, Petroleum Equity

“The bondholders appreciate the candour and view you guys provided. It was one of the key ingredients to getting consensus on the overall transaction.”

Ken Becker, Director, AMA Capital

"We needed knowledge and experience of a large complex project environment and leadership for our onsite technical team to get us across the finish line. Epeus stepped up to help us implement our project strategy with good discipline."

Peter Anson, Director, Projects and Sites Energy Business Unit, Valmet Technologies Oyj.

“Your expert's knowledge was outstanding, the report was professional, and his courtroom experience shone through during cross-examination. Great job.”

John Deis, Partner, Hicks Thomas LLP

“The Epeus team helped us to understand the complexities associated with a new build rig project and a new North Sea contractor startup."

Andrew Lough, Culzean Wells Project Manager, Maersk Oil

“Epeus’s approach allowed us to fully analyse our options, integrate the rig construction period into our Culzean Project and feel more confident as we progressed towards the start of our drilling campaign.”

Andrew Lough, Culzean Wells Project Manager, Maersk Oil