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Peer Assist

During periods of heightened vulnerability, our experts can augment your project team.

Situation Resolving gives you the necessary input to make an informed decision, whether that requires support from base camp, or boots on the ground. A key benefit is that you only bring on the extra resources when needed.

Peer Assist means our people work side by side with yours. It’s distinct from a Project Rescue in terms of intensity and, usually, longevity. Rescue is about restoring order; Peer Assist is about giving your team more confidence around major projects or especially risk-heavy phases of work. 

Types of oversight support

Peer Assist may mean providing input to the strategic process or helping to plan a project of the kind where we need to be onsite. It may involve leadership, client liaison and ongoing project management. We may also provide engineers or other technical experts to advise on regulatory compliance. While today’s post-pandemic world presents new challenges, we still do our best to get onsite if needed. We can also provide much of our advice remotely. 

“Epeus is a highly regarded project management consultancy, that continues to attain and exceed my expectations.”

Fiona Bannister, Technical Services Manager, Centrica Energy Upstream

"We brought you guys in to scare us into action, and you delivered in buckets.”

Don Jacobsen, EVP, Shell

“Epeus understands the key requirements that are needed to achieve successful rig startups. Their personnel have deep experience and are knowledgeable in the areas of rig delivery.”

Brian Hay, Director, Rig Engineering, Global Wells Organization, BP

“Whenever we’ve needed Epeus personnel, they’ve always got there fast—anywhere in the world.”

Sachin Mehra, Vice-President, Asset Management, Valaris (ENSCO)

“The rigorous approach of Epeus’s project readiness review service quickly gave us a set of robust and independent insights into the state of readiness of our field development project. The findings proved to be extremely valuable.”

Leonardo Adami, Director, Petroleum Equity

“The bondholders appreciate the candour and view you guys provided. It was one of the key ingredients to getting consensus on the overall transaction.”

Ken Becker, Director, AMA Capital

"We needed knowledge and experience of a large complex project environment and leadership for our onsite technical team to get us across the finish line. Epeus stepped up to help us implement our project strategy with good discipline."

Peter Anson, Director, Projects and Sites Energy Business Unit, Valmet Technologies Oyj.

“Your expert's knowledge was outstanding, the report was professional, and his courtroom experience shone through during cross-examination. Great job.”

John Deis, Partner, Hicks Thomas LLP

“The Epeus team helped us to understand the complexities associated with a new build rig project and a new North Sea contractor startup."

Andrew Lough, Culzean Wells Project Manager, Maersk Oil

“Epeus’s approach allowed us to fully analyse our options, integrate the rig construction period into our Culzean Project and feel more confident as we progressed towards the start of our drilling campaign.”

Andrew Lough, Culzean Wells Project Manager, Maersk Oil

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Why not just hire a freelancer?

Typical assistance at this level might be assigning a commissioning manager for a plant. The person will wear your uniform and become part of your team.

While you could simply hire a contractor in these situations, we support our people throughout the engagement. You can therefore tap into our knowledge base of 200-plus projects and expert global network.

Of course, we’re not the only people who understand your world, but the talent pool is small indeed and good people are busy. You can’t count on freelancers to be available when you need them most. We have a deep bench.

We put our own reputation on the line for your project. We’re a team and we stand by our colleagues on the ground. While their assessments can save your reputation, we know we’re also being judged on the results you achieve.

To better understand what we actually do, dive into the stories below.

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Operator Results Operator Results

Often our clients have a good idea how to resolve a problem, but they can’t take their team off their core task. That’s when outside expertise helps. Read how.


The Domino Effect
With a project overshooting, this wells managed needed insights fast but couldn’t afford to take his team off task. We transferred the needed knowledge and assisted the project's completion, saving millions on the following two projects. Read More

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Integrator Results Integrator Results

From short-term assistance securing a project’s delivery to long-term support running operations, our clients value our flexibility and deep bench of experts. Learn why.


A Blessing In Disguise
Our wider industry reputation and swift response prevented a potential loss for our client in excess of $50 million, while our completion ahead of schedule saved them around $1.5 million in direct costs, more than covering our ‘project rescue’ fee. We also got an apology from our client for thinking it was us who had failed. Read More

Texas Turnaround
Uncertainty from new modifications and a location transfer were causing this drilling contractor headaches. Our team defined and led the project, getting 'drill ready' early and boosting revenues by $9m. Read More

With a Little Help From My Friends
A large manufacturing and services integrator was facing into a new kind of client, a large EPC. Installation of its biomass energy equipment was not the problem; it was the day-to-day communications. Our small team smoothed the interface management and restored calm. Read More