In our world there is no shortage of data. The value we bring to our clients—and the drilling industry as a whole—comes from our rigorous insights, gleaned from our experience at the sharp end over a huge range of projects.

We pride ourselves on our technical and project management expertise, and put our hard-won knowledge to use by producing a range of publications, from our quarterly newsletter to research papers and market perspectives

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Opportunities and Challenges for International Drilling Contractors in the Middle East Projects

IMO 2020 Compliance Challenges – An Overview of the Market

Drillship Day Rates – New Dawn or False Dawn?

Epeus Expert Witness Market Research

Is the Jack-Up Market Self-Elevating?

Is the Environment Harsh for HE Semisubs?

Which one was yours and why will the next one be better?

2018 and Beyond: A Retrospective Look at MODU Supply and Demand

Epeus – Industry Updates – 7 years on from Deepwater Horizon, what did the industry learn?

Epeus – Industry Updates – Regaining Your Mojo

Track Record – Regaining Your Mojo

Epeus – Will the downturn in the rig market persist?

Epeus – Analysis Shows New Dawn for UDW Drilling

Track Record – All Together Now

Industry Insights – 2017 Drilling Rigs Market

Dealing With Conflicts of Interest in Turnkey Solutions – download here

Project Control Documents and Strategies – download here

Project Failure in the Oil and Gas Industry Due to Lack of Proper Planning – download here

Consequences of Lack of Planning and Conflicts of Interest in Key Supplier – download here

New Build Economics 2014

North Sea Rebirth Paper

Ageing Rigs

SPS Projects Insight Paper

Project Failure Insight Paper with CDG

Epeus Insights Paper – Contract Changes

IADC World Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2015

Epeus Rig Stacking Insights Paper

SPS and Rig Stacking Insight Paper


Epeus Insights Newsletter June 2014

Epeus Insights Newsletter February 2014

Epeus Insights Newsletter October 2013

Epeus Insights Newsletter July 2013

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Managing Complex Projects, Oil and Gas UK Seminar – May 2014


Epeus Brochure 2013 – download here


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