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Resilience Mapping

Keep the big picture in mind, don’t overlook the small stuff—and take things one step at a time.

What we do can be put simply. Make sure you have the right people to do the right things at the right time to deliver the desired output—on time and on budget. But when you factor in the harsh conditions and the engineering complexity of large upstream energy projects, what’s easily stated is less easy to pull off.

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Peak PRM

Risk profiling categorizes specific project risks as certain (‘known knowns’) and less certain (‘known unknowns’), with all other risks as unforeseeable (ie, surprises). To increase your knowledge, we then apply the lens of our Peak PRM (project risk management) which brings input from past projects, industry studies, academic research, team experiences, and so on. A better understanding of the level and nature of those known risks maximizes certainty on the project.

Scenario planning maps out the project’s strategy to reduce value erosion, identifying the project’s boundaries of failure, periods and aspects of heightened vulnerability, when your team may need additional expert advice and specialist support. We also look out for windows of opportunity within the project’s overall plan.

Defining your project right from the start

Defining the project takes in all aspects from planning and scheduling to how you’ll allocate budgets, control costs and measure performance. How will you manage all the interfaces between stakeholders? And how will you track and mitigate your risk profile as you go? 

We have the industry knowledge to understand what scope of work is feasible and the project breakdown structure needed to realize it. Strategy and execution are all about making decisions under conditions of uncertainty. From authorization for expenditure to organizing project resources and expediting processes, we’ve got the tools and templates you need to manage your schedule and risk profile.

Whatever your requirements, we can tailor our suite of services to provide the mentoring and support you need for success. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re mission-ready, so you can push the limits while minimizing the risks.

To better understand what we actually do, dive into the stories below.

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Operator Results Operator Results

Whether we’re helping the largest players make high-risk investment decisions or raising the capability maturity level of smaller operators, we’ve got your back. Read how.


Buyer Beware
Our recommendations saved an operator major losses (and face) on a large investment decision on multiple rigs, through our technical insights and forecasting tools. Read More

Regaining Your Mojo
After a merger, this smallish field operator's processes weren't scaling. We simplified their governance and management tools, while clarifying roles and raising project maturity and ability to meet their ambitious targets. Read More

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Integrator Results Integrator Results

Contractors come to us when they’re facing uncertain conditions they haven’t encountered before. Learn how our planning gives them confidence.


Fractures in the Red Sea
Our client’s rig returned to service with all due speed; the crew regained morale and cohesiveness through our leadership and support; forecast earnings were adjusted in line with our planning, preventing any additional surprise losses; the insurance claim was accepted and settled; and our client’s regional reputation with their field operator client was restored. The drilling contractor has used our services every year since. This was our first project back in November 2002, just days after incorporating. Since then, we’ve delivered over 200 others. Read More

Texas Turnaround
Uncertainty from new modifications and a location transfer were causing this drilling contractor headaches. Our team defined and led the project, getting 'drill ready' early and boosting revenues by $9m. Read More

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Investor Results Investor Results

Sometimes you need an independent third-party to see what's going on, then make a plan that's going to serve all sides well. Learn how we do it.


Buyer Beware
Our recommendations saved an operator major losses (and face) on a large investment decision on multiple rigs, through our technical insights and forecasting tools. Read More

Look Before You Leap
These private equity investors were nervous about a junior field operator. We handled a delicate risk analysis and brought both parties together to successfully bring their project management process back on track. Read More