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Some people know rigs, others understand project management. Our clients come to us because we know both worlds intimately. It’s a very exclusive ‘club’ and the bar to entry is high. We generally recruit either engineers, with decades on rigs and on-the-job project management experience; or project management pros who have demonstrated a flair for large-scale engineering projects.

With the right skills and experience, you could join one of our teams.

Advisory Team

Our full-time team of associates and specialists combines industry expertise and project management disciplines. You would lead on assignments and projects, manage relationships with clients, and dedicate time to industry research, writing comments and papers to support our work. We provide a rapid response, so be prepared to fly anywhere that drilling happens, at the drop of a hard hat.

Business Administration and Finance

Based in our London office, this team handles our finance and business support functions, and plays a crucial role in enabling our Advisory Team to deliver our services to our clients effectively. We’re not currently hiring, but if you’ve got the skills, we’d be happy to hear from you.


We supplement our full-time staff with a core group of around 50 contractors who bring additional skills, industry knowledge and experience—as well as geographical availability and linguistic ability. Many are the leading experts in a particular discipline or technology. All have over 20 years in their field and hold a range of recognized engineering, project management, quality, commercial and contract management, and risk management qualifications. This is an exclusive club and it takes a special set of skills to become a member of our ‘club’ of rig and project management professionals.

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What we look for

Our approach to delivering ‘project success’ is defined by our values.

Independent – We tell the unvarnished truth, and won’t be swayed by what we think our clients want to hear

Dynamic – We think on our feet, reacting as the situation demands and improvising a solution if necessary

Pragmatic – we develop practical solutions, getting on with the job in hand and not over engineering something when a simple solution will suffice

Courageous – we know how to succeed in challenging situations and prevent poor decisions from impacting on our clients’ reputations

Cohesive – We value individual insights but collaborate in teams to ensure successful outcomes, sharing hard-won knowledge in a collegiate way.

You must demonstrate technical distinction. Our clients expect us to have the latest  knowledge in how to assure success on their projects, which requires nothing less than technical excellence on your part. Being a professional means always striving for the best in technical proficiency and welcoming the opportunity to learn something new every day.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining Epeus as a full time associate please contact or call us on +44 207 3408755 . .