Our Expertise

We don’t build drilling rigs, but we understand them inside out. Couple this with the experience gained on almost 200 projects and you see why the  industry turns to us to bring large, complex projects to fruition.

We recruit our teams from two main fields: rig operations and project management. Our experts provide professional, unbiased judgement for projects that often represent the biggest capital investment decisions a company makes.

Drilling Rig Expertise
Offshore rigs are dirty great beasts that demand respect. We understand exactly what’s needed to get one ‘drill ready’—and to maximize the ‘up time’ of a whole fleet.

We can advise on all aspects of your asset’s operation, from its offshore installation and maintenance to day-to-day drilling operations and upgrades. Our insights can also help you manage your supply chain and issues of construction, health and safety, and quality as well as the contracts that underpin everything.

We also have considerable experience in the specialty marine sector, from support vessels to full-scale ‘floating hotels’ for crews.

Project Management Expertise
Our academic credentials have been tested at the front line of the drilling rig industry, as well as in other sectors where projects are just as critical and complex. Our success comes from understanding the fundamentals and applying them consistently, regardless of project pressures.

Epeus advisors and associates have a wide range of industry qualifications including postgraduate qualifications in Project Management and specialist qualifications such as the APMP (Association of Project Management Professionals) and Six Sigma. We are fluent in a wide range of recognized project management tools that add rigour to our analysis and recommendations.

With the right expertise a phone call away, you can feel more secure about your own claims to drill readiness.

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