Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethical Practices addresses core aspects of behaviour expected of all Epeus personnel toward the firm, fellow workers, suppliers, and even competitors.

We consider that all our people are ambassadors for the firm at all times. Our people’s actions and attitudes naturally play a significant role in the wider perception of our brand. As a global organisation operating across multiple cultural boundaries, the importance of how we are perceived is paramount.

Conducting business globally obliges us to observe the most stringent ethical standards applicable in any of the areas in which we operate. We cannot and do not apply different standards of honesty and integrity in different parts of the firm and we expect that all personnel will strive for and achieve these goals.

Although specifically covered by the Code of Conduct, several points deserve special attention. We actively seek professional talent and character, which applies regardless of the sex, age, national origin, or cultural background of an individual. Accordingly, we have zero tolerance toward sexism, racism, and ageism.

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