When our clients start to feel the heat, they get on the phone to us. Why? Because we have the combined expertise in drilling rigs and project management they need. And they know we can deliver—right now.

This specialized knowledge is a precious resource and the people who have it are in short supply. Fortunately for us, and for our clients, many of these experts form part of our own network, a respected group of peers we’ve encountered over the years.

Our specialists play a crucial role in Epeus, helping us guarantee we have the right people for the job—wherever and whenever they’re needed. It’s a two-way street, as our associates know they can have a steady supply of engaging, and rewarding, assignments. Some have been with us since our very first project back in 2002.

As a specialist, you would work with our full-time advisors on assignments around the world. Recent examples include a Project Manager for a new build project in South Korea; a Project Planner for a major upgrade in Brazil; and an HSE Inspector for a rig reactivation in Dubai.

If you would like more information about joining us please contact us on info@epeusconsulting.com or +44 203 301 0333.

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