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Knowledge Transfer

Turning insights from one project into actions on the next is one reason our clients value us.

How do you close out a project and capture what happened and why? Do you have a way to make the processes that worked repeatable? And avoid the things that went wrong?

Investigating projects is in our blood. From the firm’s outset nearly two decades ago, our clients quickly realized our project review and risk profiling approach provided a platform for capturing and transferring knowledge within their organizations.

Passing along our knowledge

With well over 200 projects behind us, our knowledge base is unsurpassed. Our people are generally either engineers—who learned project management over decades on the job and through supplementary training—and project management pros who, early in their careers, turned their attention to large-scale engineering projects. 

Because we work in teams across projects, we learn from each other, continually deepening our knowledge of very specific sectors. Our PRIMA methodology and tools distil our technical expertise and project risk management experience and package it for your specific domain.

Capturing lessons from your projects

Complexity increases dramatically when you work on multiple concurrent projects. Our clients value our ability to help them learn from one project to the next across a program. You might perform your own closeout or post mortem analysis. We help you quickly encode those lessons and put them into practice on the next project.

To better understand what we actually do, dive into the stories below.

“Epeus is a highly-regarded project management consultancy, that continues to attain and exceed my expectations.”

Fiona Bannister, Technical Services Manager, Centrica Energy Upstream

"We brought you guys in to scare us into action, and you delivered in buckets.”

Don Jacobsen, EVP, Shell

“Epeus understands the key requirements that are needed to achieve successful rig startups. Their personnel have deep experience and are knowledgeable in the areas of rig delivery.”

Brian Hay, Director, Rig Engineering, Global Wells Organization, BP

“Whenever we’ve needed Epeus personnel, they’ve always got there fast—anywhere in the world.”

Sachin Mehra, Vice-President, Asset Management, Valaris (ENSCO)

“The rigorous approach of Epeus’ project readiness review service quickly gave us a set of robust and independent insights into the state of readiness of our field development project. The findings proved to be extremely valuable.”

Leonardo Adami, Director, Petroleum Equity

“The bondholders appreciate the candour and view you guys provided. It was one of the key ingredients to getting consensus on the overall transaction.”

Ken Becker, Director, AMA Capital

"We needed knowledge and experience of a large complex project environment and leadership for our on-site technical team to get us across the finish line. Epeus stepped up to help us implement our project strategy with good discipline."

Peter Anson, Director, Projects and Sites Energy Business Unit, Valmet Technologies Oyj.

“Your expert's knowledge was outstanding, the report was professional, and his courtroom experience shone through during cross-examination. Great job.”

John Deis, Partener, Hicks Thomas LLP

“Your expert services were just what we needed. Top professional and no hassle. The tribunal found his opinions informative and credible. We’ll be back.”

John Deis, Partener, Hicks Thomas LLP

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Operator Results Operator Results

We improve your team’s capabilities either from our own knowledge bank of 200-plus projects, or by capturing the specifics of your own experience. Learn how.


Global Reengineering
This operator needed to overhaul its rig intake process globally. With our multifaceted experience, knowledge bank and support, our client established a world-class standardised governance, giving them 'drill ready' peace of mind. Read More

The Domino Effect
With a project overshooting, this wells managed needed insights fast but couldn’t afford to take his team off task. We transferred the needed knowledge and assisted the project's completion, saving millions on the following two projects. Read More

Pioneers and Powder Kegs
This independent field explorer was having project overruns and needed to reassure the board of its team and operating model. We captured the requisite knowledge and our recommendations set them on track for more streamlined projects. Read More

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Integrator Results Integrator Results

Often, knowledge is won the hard way—through a project rescue. When that happens, it’s vital to capture lessons learned. See how we brought everything together.


Fractures in the Red Sea
Our client’s rig returned to service with all due speed; the crew regained morale and cohesiveness through our leadership and support; forecast earnings were adjusted in line with our planning, preventing any additional surprise losses; the insurance claim was accepted and settled; and our client’s regional reputation with their field operator client was restored. The drilling contractor has used our services every year since. This was our first project back in November 2002, just days after incorporating. Since then, we’ve delivered over 200 others. Read More