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Project Governance

Every project is unique but good governance and standards substantially reduce your risk, even before your project starts.

Don’t wait to contact us until things are slipping or something goes wrong. The larger the program, the greater the consequences. Misalignment leads to project delays, wasted costs, costly disputes and, ultimately, to reputational damage. Bring us on board to straighten out your governance and you’ll feel more certain, even when the heat is on.

Intake & startup

We wrote the handbook on getting rigs ‘drill ready’ for one of the industry’s giants. And while field operators and drilling contractors treat the process differently, our comprehensive step-by-step guide covers both. You’ll have all participants onside and working comfortably within their limits—no heroic endeavour required.

We adapt these principles to other situations our clients face. You may call it commissioning, like the biomass plant we recently helped. Whenever your project needs a special bit of massive kit—such as a drilling rig, speciality vessel, or tunnel boring machine—on sea or on land, the right standards and processes come to your aid. 

Communications are vital to align all stakeholders but it’s too easily overlooked, especially as your organization scales. When our clients start managing multiple concurrent projects, interface management is the biggest risk we see them encounter. It’s less the engineering side and more the integration between contractors. We give you a controlling process that gives you a consistent outcome and cuts costs.

“Epeus is a highly-regarded project management consultancy, that continues to attain and exceed my expectations.”

Fiona Bannister, Technical Services Manager, Centrica Energy Upstream

"We brought you guys in to scare us into action, and you delivered in buckets.”

Don Jacobsen, EVP, Shell

“Epeus understands the key requirements that are needed to achieve successful rig startups. Their personnel have deep experience and are knowledgeable in the areas of rig delivery.”

Brian Hay, Director, Rig Engineering, Global Wells Organization, BP

“Whenever we’ve needed Epeus personnel, they’ve always got there fast—anywhere in the world.”

Sachin Mehra, Vice-President, Asset Management, Valaris (ENSCO)

“The rigorous approach of Epeus’ project readiness review service quickly gave us a set of robust and independent insights into the state of readiness of our field development project. The findings proved to be extremely valuable.”

Leonardo Adami, Director, Petroleum Equity

“The bondholders appreciate the candour and view you guys provided. It was one of the key ingredients to getting consensus on the overall transaction.”

Ken Becker, Director, AMA Capital

"We needed knowledge and experience of a large complex project environment and leadership for our on-site technical team to get us across the finish line. Epeus stepped up to help us implement our project strategy with good discipline."

Peter Anson, Director, Projects and Sites Energy Business Unit, Valmet Technologies Oyj.

“Your expert's knowledge was outstanding, the report was professional, and his courtroom experience shone through during cross-examination. Great job.”

John Deis, Partener, Hicks Thomas LLP

“Your expert services were just what we needed. Top professional and no hassle. The tribunal found his opinions informative and credible. We’ll be back.”

John Deis, Partener, Hicks Thomas LLP

Our clients all operate in heavily regulated industries. When you use our PRIMA method, you can ensure you’re complying with standards. And while some may say it’s better to have double standards than none at all, we disagree. When you grow your team, you often import processes with the people. You can end up with a web that needs untangling. We bring the rigour you need to streamline your process.

To better understand what we actually do, dive into the stories below.

Global reengineering

This operator needed to overhaul its rig intake process globally. With our multifaceted experience, knowledge bank and support, our client established a world-class standardised governance, giving them ‘drill ready’ peace of mind.

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Power tools and leverage

A wells manager needed to save his reputation on a project after the last one overran. Our tools, analysis and scenarios provided certainty for that project and all that followed.

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Regaining your mojo

After a merger, this smallish field operator’s processed weren’t scaling. We simplified their governance and management tools, while clarifying roles and raising project maturity and ability to meet their ambitious targets.

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Pioneers and powder kegs

This independent field operator was having project overruns and needed to reassure the board of its team and operating model. We captured the requisite knowledge and our recommendations set them on track for more streamlined projects.

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