Who we are

We fulfil a very specific niche in the oil & gas industry. Since 2002, we’ve helped more than 75 clients get ‘drill ready’ across almost 200 projects.

When you call Epeus, you tap into a unique resource. Our full-time advisors have cultivated highly specialized skills over many projects. Able to hit the ground running, they quickly restore order and cool the situation—bringing calm objectivity that may have deserted those on site.

Heavyweight teams
Because we work in teams, we’re always on call. And we have each other’s backs. Our approach brings cohesion and clarity to any project through complementary skill sets and wide-ranging experience, reducing the chance for errors or judgement.

Project management engineers
When you’re pushing technological and human limits, you need to be sure you can hit your milestones. Success comes from accurate planning and flawless execution. With our rich experience of project management and offshore drilling rigs we can provide both.

Rapid global response
We have the depth of talent to deliver the services you need—at the drop of a hard hat. And we supplement our core team with specialists around the world. Which not only means we’re always ready; chances are we speak the local language, too.

Is that really unique?
While some big-name consultancies advise within our sector, even their best brains lack the depth of experience you can only get from decades working with rigs. Other firms may understand the engineering side, but their technical knowledge falls short under  tight deadlines and intense pressure. Our kind of planning requires a different set of tools.

When things get tight, these people often turn to us. It’s one reason we’ve worked with almost all the major players among drilling contractors and field operators.

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