Rig/Vessel Intake Process


Forecast ‘drill readiness’ with confidence.

We develop our unique Rig and Vessel Intake Process that combines four main pillars such as assessment, delivery, post-startup, process redesign and delivery assurance. A full package solution for field operators, drilling contractors and vessel owners.

Before rig operations commence, you need to build sound financial cases. Our rig intake service provides the assurance you need. We vet the rig to ensure it conforms to industry standards and regional regulations. Our advisors also investigate the management systems between the asset owner and the contracting operator to assess if the rig will be ready on time. If not, we’ll suggest corrective measures.

Protect your reputation with accurate forecasts for drill readiness. With your rigs on contract on time and effectively taken in, your revenue and financial performance will increase and you’ll reduce ‘lost drilling time’ from project delays. Our process redesign service will improve your complete Rig Intake and Startup Procedures.

We develop a Rig Delivery Plan that takes into account everything from modifications and upgrades to maintenance, HAZID and HAZOP, third-party installations and design & implementation. Our advisors provide assurance of the plan and the execution of its activities.

During our first decade of operations, we delivered almost 200 projects. With this experience, we designed and develop an integrated Rig Intake & Startup process that captures all the required steps a field operator needs to take in and start up rigs more effectively. We look at current processes and identify any gaps, comparing against our benchmarks and reengineering your process to ensure the most robust approach.