Rig/Vessel Construction


Adopt consistent and effective processes that reduce project failures.

We develop our unique Rig and Vessel Startup Process that combines three main pillars such as planning, delivery, post-startup. A full package solution for drilling contractors, vessel builders and shipyards.

Our rig startup service helps you understand exactly what you need to get your rig on contract and achieve your field operator’s expectations. With our assurance, you’ll be able to commit to drill readiness dates and raise investment with more confidence.

We help you ensure your rig conforms to industry standards and regional regulations. We also assess the management systems between your team and the asset owner. If roadblocks appear, we raise the red flag and suggest a course of action. With your rigs on contract on time, you’ll boost revenue and avoid the pitfalls of ‘lost drilling time’ from project delays.

We’ve worked with all the major field operators, so our understanding of their requirements and processes is unmatched. We can also work with you on contracts.