Our Story

One trait shared by everyone on our team is a love of making difficult things happen. It’s done by reducing complex jobs to a series of measurable steps.

In 2000, Mark Thompson completed his part on the Transocean Spirit and Deep Seas projects, which created the industry’s first dual-activity, ultradeepwater drillships. This pioneering feat of engineering involved the complex installation of single towers and  twin drill floors and equipment that dramatically reduced drilling times in deep waters.

Inspired by the idea that he could help other complex engineering projects to succeed, Mark left Transocean to found Epeus. He took the name from the Greek who designed the Trojan Horse—a singular engineering feat that brought the Trojan war to an end.

Knowing that drilling projects are fraught with risk, especially the time to achieve ‘drill readiness’, Mark focused the consultancy on project risk management.

“The original Epeus himself was not a great warrior,” says Mark. “Yet through his vision and acumen, he enabled victory. It’s why I ban ‘heroic endeavour’ on the job. A cavalier attitude is a prime cause of project failure.” This attitude pays dividends. To date, we’ve been involved with over 50 rig starts.

We aim to enable drilling at ever greater pressures and depths—helping to deliver epic projects that will change the industry. Ultimately, though, we give our clients the tools to push their own capabilities at any level.

The full story…
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